Company History

EFS Gesellschaft für Hebe- und Handhabungstechnik mbH is founded. Development of the model series ratioLIFT , a brandnew handling system, which has been improved and advanced since then.
Successful implementation of our handling technology in the automotive industry.
Introduction of the design software Catia.
Development of groundbreaking installation concepts for cockpit- and front-end modules for the automative industry.
Relocation of our fabrication facility from Leingarten to Nordheim in our own warehouse with 600 square meters fabrication space.
Supplementary extension of the ratioLIFT model series with a handling  system for the automotive industry, which combines compact dimensions with a low dead weight. Relocation of the administrative departments from Leingarten to Nordheim, to our new 320 square meter office space. Start of vocational commercial training at EFS.
Completion of project throughout Europe and overseas with use of EFS project management. Extension of product program with supplementary products for work station design.

2002 Extension of the module system of the ratioLIFT model series. For the first time, more than 300 individual projects are completed within one year. Internships are provided to applicants with different educational backgrounds.

2003 Expansion of the production space. Start of vocational sales training at EFS.

2004 Development of service programs for project management and design. The first project, based on virtual design is being realized. Joint Venture in the United States to gain access to the north-american market.

2005 Development and fabrication of the first semi-automatic handling system in linear portal design for the handling of bagged cargo. Formation of EFS daughter company in the United States. Expansion of production space at the facility in Nordheim.

2006 Extension of product program with special installation gages, manual gages and assembly aids. A semi-automatic lifting axis with a carrying capacity of 900 kg is added to the ratioLIFT model series. The US daughter company becomes independent as EFS Industries.

2007 Introduction of the SPS controls for the handling systems of the ratioLIFT model series. Completion of 600 individual projects. Extension of the administrative building.